Alex builds things with React and TypeScript.

I'm incredibly passionate about creating products that people love, sharing my thoughts on twitter, and building Loopin as the CTO.

My life.

The landmarks of my career, one role at a time.

  1. Chief Technology Officer

    As CTO, my role at Loopin is to lead the engineering team, plan our roadmap, and get my hands dirty building the product. We raised £1.6m in seed funding in the last 3 years.

  2. Senior Software Engineer

    I helped Tumelo build out a number of TypeScript applications; including the initial set-up, deployment and architecture.

  3. Software Engineer

    I led the development of our frontend in React, and built a Node.js service that used Google Lighthouse APIs to audit websites.

  4. Software Engineer

    Huckletree is a global network of co-working spaces and communities for entrepreneurs and startups, where I built and mainted a number of front and backend applications.

  5. Freelance Web Developer

    Built beautiful, mobile-responsive websites. Designed UI/UX for one of the most popular plugins on WordPress. Ranked in the top 1% of all freelancers on

What next?

I've spent the last year perfecting over 1000+ prompts in everything from engineering to marketing to sales. You can get a copy for free by joining my community.

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