Hi, I'm Alex.

Alex Hughes

I’m the CTO of Loopin, and a seasoned engineer with a decade of experience writing JavaScript.

I write regularly, speak at conferences, and share my thoughts with the universe on twitter.

Current Projects

Loopin is a daily check-in app that integrates with Slack, and uses your team's mood to generate personalised coaching advice for your leaders. It's kind of like having your very own leadership coach that lives in your pocket.

At Loopin, I built the MVP, scaled the system (and the team), and built (in my not so humble opinion) a great product. We raised £1.6m in funding.

I also occasionally take on freelance projects for the right clients, if you think that’s you - send me a message.

What next?

A little less than a decade ago I quit my job, spent my last £100 on tinned food, and began freelancing full-time with zero clients.

Jump forward a few years and I'm the CTO of Loopin. I know, it's been a pretty crazy journey, and I've learned a lot on the way.

But right now, I think we are going through something BIG. A once in a lifetime event. It's going to change everything, and it's really important for my own career that I get this right.

That's why I've started writing about AI. And I want you to join me.

I won't always be right, but I am actually working with AI (which is more than can be said for a lot of these newsletters). And, as a thank you for your faith, I'll send you a little present.

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