Summoning Spirits

Summoning Spirits2 min read

A quick trip in the DeLorean, and 10,000 years ago, your ancestors were conversing with imaginary beings. Spirits who would help find you a partner, or fix medical problems.

Sound familiar? Fast forward to today, and we've upgraded those spirits to algorithms. History doesn't repeat, but it sure does rhyme.

And the future is starting to look an awfully lot like the past.

Jump-cut to now, and if you are anything like me, your day-to-day is starting to look like a series of Pokémon battles. Except rather than types, it's problems.

Bug in the code, I choose you 'Debugging Script Prompt!'. A couple of clicks later, and presto, problem solved. Confused by quantum mechanics? "I summon thee, Richard Feynman Technique Prompt!" and bam, you're a physicist.

What's my point? I guess that humans are ludicrously adaptable. It's been a year since GPT became accessible, and already it feels like I'm running a daycare for pint-sized AI toddlers.

Except these toddlers can write Python.

AI today isn't a full mind, but more specific thoughts that we weave together into a solution. We are the conductors of the orchestra, weaving bubbling up what works, and popping what doesn't.

Which makes me think, what's the next act of the opera? The obvious answer would be a fully autonomous agent with a narrow scope, that replaces us in the middle. Perhaps learning by watching us do it.

But that seems far away until we build something like Archimedes or BabyAGI. I would put money first on people first building tools that make it easier to manage a thousand different thoughts. Surely, there's gotta be a better solution than listing them one-by-one down a sidebar.

Or maybe Maggie is right.

And the best AIs won't look like AIs at all.

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